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Worth her weight in Gold.

I am not often impressed but in the few days Kelly spent working on our project she did just that and then some. Not only intelligent, efficient and concise, ...she also managed to understand what was a fairly complex setup and meet challenges involving possibly some of the longest Zaps she had made. And then ...we we realised we wanted to do things a little differently or made her life more complex, she adapted, re-made, re-organised, tested and did it all again. I couldn't speak more highly of her work.

Marcus Graichen

Co-founder, Mog Machine - England

The perfect solution for my business

Before I started working with Kelly and her team at Solvaa, I was struggling to stay on top of my (very) manual sales process. I was using spreadsheets, calendar reminders and copying and pasting emails for follow ups. Kelly helped me take a look at my business processes holistically, and then put in place an automated solution that included a new CRM and a bunch of automations. The CRM gives me a full overview of all my new sales leads and potential revenue. With the automations, I no longer need to nurture my prospects manually. Follow up emails are being sent out automatically and follow a specific sequence. Overall, I’m more productive and have more time for creating content and running my courses. Kelly has brought a wealth of knowledge to my project. I have a system that is customized to my needs and on a related note, Kelly is easy to work with, has been supportive through the learning process and quick to respond to queries. I'm ready to rock 2022!

Salimah Kassim-Lakha

Director, YogaVision - Canada

Kelly is one of the best things to happen to my start-up

We are a digital platform and we process thousands of online transactions every month. This also means lots of complicated software systems that need to integrate with each other.
When Kelly came on-board, what we were looking for her to do was to sort out the mess, and I never had any real understanding of how big the mess actually was. We started looking at bookkeeping initially. The first thing was to make it a much more fluid system. Once we had that, I was then getting regular reports. I could see very clearly how my business was improving, and where we were, month by month. Before that it was just much more complicated and difficult way to get that data.
Once we focused on that part of the business and Kelly started to implement all these changes, suddenly we saw the results - the reporting, the improvements in processes, the reduction in costs and staff now required to run the business, and really just the smooth running. If I'd continued in the way I had been going, I would probably now need 4 full-time staff members to be doing all of the manual implementation.
I would say that Kelly is one of the best things to happen to my start-up. I stumbled upon her completely by accident, and I am just very fortunate that we did.

Ruari Fairbairns

Co-founder, One Year No Beer - Edinburgh, Scotland

Our system is now set up for growth.

As CRM Manager I was tasked with getting functionality out of Pipedrive as a system that had been set up initially for a very different product and sales process. I wanted to create effective workflows that could be automated so that essential and repetitive sales tasks were managed by the system, not people. We are a small start-up company and needed to have a system that would do the heavy lifting in terms of the sales process. Kelly offered advice on how to get the best out of the system as well as value for money. She offered a deep understanding of Pipedrive and gave me easy solutions and alternatives to help solve the issues I was having. Introducing me to Zapier for automations and training me in building these automations for each segment of our market. Kelly showed me how best to organise the system that set us up for growth. From the early days of our conversations, Kelly offered me easy quick wins and fixes as well as a plan for utilizing Zapier and other complex elements that were unique to our business.

Harriet Strachan

CRM Manager, Oxsight - Oxford, England

Who better to hire than the automation expert who wrote the book!

After migrating almost our entire tech stack last year, we needed help getting some of our existing Zaps mapped and updated. Plus we needed a few new automations added, too. Kelly and I reviewed process maps that I had created. Then her zone of genius kicked in, and she found all the gaps, saw my vision about how I wanted to do things, and strategized on what we needed to make our process more efficient. We now have an end-to-end automation with processes that work well together and do exactly as we expect. Who better to hire than the automation expert who wrote the book! I see a long relationship ahead with Kelly as my business changes and grows.

Lori Feldman

President, The Database Diva - USA

Kelly helped us get the most out of Pipedrive

We needed someone to help us as we moved up to a different tier of Pipedrive - to sense check all the ways in which we used it and to make sure we were approaching everything in the most rational and the most efficient way possible. Kelly walked us through everything with great rigour (and a welcome light touch attitude!) - and we really valued her incisive input at every stage. Kelly also helped us optimise some of our Zapier automations linked to Pipedrive. We have emerged from our time together with a lot more confidence in what we are doing and feel very secure in the foundations we have laid for our CRM as the company grows.  Thank you!

Patrick Pope

Strategist, Big Fish - London, England

Fantastic service

Kelly has been helping me integrate 4 platforms (Salesforce, ScheduleIt, Fast Field Forms & AirTable) for around 4 months now using Zapier. She has been excellent at understanding the problems and qwerks of the organisation, and identifying solutions or workarounds to achieve the aim. She also has a knack for understanding the key / actual requirements from a garbled verbal description from me of what I think I want! She gets the balance right between doing what is asked, and offering alternative routes to solving the problem. She is also open and honest about what is not achievable rather than saying 'yes, no problem' to everything. Similarly she doesn't try to sell you solutions to problems that don't exist to gain extra revenue. When there have been issues she has willingly engaged with the software developers of the platforms being used, negating the need for me to be a go between. She is extremely contactable and responsive, understanding that some issues need a far more immediate response than others. In summary Kelly is a very knowledgeable, helpful and a great asset to have contributing to your business.

An additional benefit is the coaching I have received from Kelly - I now use her for a very small amount of time compared to the beginning as I now create almost all of my own Zaps and am virtually self-sufficient. Instead of keeping the skill as a 'hidden art' to maintain revenue she has helped me learn it so I now use her just as an ad-hoc problem solver, or someone to bounce ideas off.

Hugo Cox

Group Operations Manager, IQ Glass UK - Buckinghamshire, England


Kelly is so good at what she does I literally can't recommend her highly enough! Having embarked on the automation journey I spoke to several people and Kelly by far came across as the most genuine and authentic person. Kelly and I spoke at length about our current systems and how we wanted to improve them, she listened, asked questions and made excellent suggestions. We were excited to get things going and Kelly set our expectations well, she gave clear guidance on timelines and fees and was open and honest throughout. Once things started we quickly realised we wanted more and how beneficial Kelly was to our business. We are still working with Kelly to keep improving things for us and we have further projects that we want her to help us with. Kelly's skill, knowledge and service is impeccable and what she has done for us has saved hours and hours worth of man power allowing our teams to focus on our patients rather than administrative tasks, it's also allowed us to communicate in a much better way with our patients - exactly the results we were after. Meeting Kelly has simply been life-changing for our business and our teams.

Louise Hatton

Group Operations Manager, Ascent Dental Group - Midlands, England

Lasting, sustainable integrative solutions

Kelly is a phenomenon, a savvy technological and business guru, a top-notch problem solver with an impeccable work ethic and a lovely person to work with.
The first thing that struck me about Kelly was the sheer amount of questions she asked about our business. With that philosophy and perspective in mind, with precision and laser focus Kelly zoomed in on every aspect of our business flow. She analyzed the systems, requirements and dynamics in place, and recommended synergistic technological and financial solutions that created a far reaching positive effect for the business. The improvements that were implemented resulted in increased efficiency, better time management and overall happiness of people involved.
Kelly is dedicated to finding and implementing lasting, sustainable integrative solutions and to achieving measurable, quantifiable results. It is easy and comfortable to interact with her, even across the globe, as she is excellent with creating and maintaining business relationships which are unaffected by distance.
Overall 5 Stars rating and would I recommend, without hesitation, that you work with Kelly.

Vika Golovanova

Owner, Julian Mountain Spa - California, USA

My productivity is up and my downtime has all but disappeared

As a business owner, I work for multiple clients in a Business Development Function. Prior to working with Kelly, I found myself getting somewhat overwhelmed with the different client requirements and my perceived ability to cope with what I thought were complex CRM issues.

The impact that Kelly had was almost instant, within a matter of days I found that I was getting so much more completed and spending a lot less time problem-solving. Something as simple as loading up data was taking an absolute age with ‘’import, error, export, re-import’’ being a constant theme. Now I get it done the first time every time and the results speak for themselves.

The most valuable thing that I have achieved by using better process practices in Pipedrive and automation is that my productivity is up and my downtime has all but disappeared.

My biggest fear about using a consultant was time versus cost versus payback which in hindsight look so stupid. If you’re on the fence about working with Kelly to help you implement better digital processes and automation in your business then I would like to suggest that you bite the bullet and just do it.

Bernie Harral

MD, WeRU Marketing - Poland

Produces excellent results time and again

Kelly is my no.1 go-to person for anything related to workflow improvement. Kelly finds solutions that would stump others through her methodical, deep thought approach. Utterly reliable, consistently hardworking and produces excellent results time and again - and a lovely person to work with as well! Could not recommend Kelly highly enough to anyone needing a strong process-orientated member of their team.

David Feldman

Portfolio Finance Director, The FD Centre - Greater London, England

Pain Relief!

Part of my role at Litmus is to look after all existing clients and bring onboard new leads. Before we started working with Kelly, it was very time consuming to find new leads via the usual platforms and emailing them all individually took up the majority of our time. We needed to find a way to speed up this process creating a pain-free environment! We chose to work with Kelly as we were looking for an expert who understood what we were trying to achieve. Kelly simplified the whole process by introducing us to Zapier and Pipedrive automations saving time which also means saving money!! As a result of working with Kelly, some of the tangible benefits results are time-saving, better organisation, the ability to use all of Pipedrive and Zapier’s features empowering the team to use the systems without expert help ongoing, and most importantly, sales growth.

Kingsley Allen

Business Development Executive, Litmus - Hull, England

Time Saver

Kelly helped us set up Pipedrive working with Trello and our client portal. All the information flows seamlessly and keeps our CRM updated. We would highly recommend her and will be using her again in the future.

Ross Harrison

CEO & Founder, Finplan - Dublin, Ireland

Professional & Helpful

Kelly has helped us to systemise our client onboarding procedure. Kelly developed the streamlining of our process by converting from paper and word documents into digital forms using Process Street and connecting that with email, Xero and Google Sheets. Our queries have always been answered by Kelly in a professional and timely manner and she has always been very approachable and has given clear explanations. We would have no hesitation in recommending Kelly and her skills.

Lynda Damsell

Client Support Manager, Turner Accountants - Preston, England

Very thorough, accurate and worked to tight deadlines

Kelly, came on board our project with very tight deadlines. She was very thorough in her approach, quickly understood our processes and worked above and beyond to ensure the zapier integrations into Hubspot and Xero worked properly and efficiently. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Claire Oliver

Consultant, Springstar Technology - Salisbury, England

Very professional and efficient service!

Kelly is a very experienced professional in Zapier and other IT skills. Despite the demands of the project she managed to integrate all our software (Acuity Scheduling, Woocommerce, and Quickbooks Online) into Active Campaign successfully, enabling us to do the segmentation of our lists the way we needed according to our marketing consultant.

Svetlana Kapelas

Founder, Total Health Now - London, England

My life is less hectic

Kelly Goss really helped me streamline my operation.  She listened intently to my requirements and with her experience, she knew exactly what to do. I am very happy and thinking about new ways for her to help me.

Greg Truslow

Owner, Truslow Yost Insurance Professionals - Virginia, USA

Contact Kelly if you need help with Pipedrive and Zapier

We've worked with Kelly since May 2020. She has been our go-to expert resource for anything related to Pipedrive functionality advice and implementation, and for automating our processes either with native integrations or Zapier. While we've been working together, Kelly has helped us to automate our lead generation processes from form submission on our website (Gravity Forms) and partner portal (Magentrix) to creating deals in Pipedrive. She has also increased our sales visibility with lead scoring, better reporting, and notifications. She's flexible, reliable, responsive, and always on hand to sort out technical issues promptly. Kelly is excellent in at what she does and is a pleasure to work with.

Joanne Fawell

Chief Marketing Officer, Pixit Media - Surrey, England

Professional, Timely, Thorough

Working with Kelly is a great experience. She is highly professional, willing to teach as well as put in the time to understand your needs, and extremely thorough with her testing to make sure everything is in order prior to initiation. She is also willing to be honest and forthright when an automation may not work as intended and puts in notices for those improvements to be made. I am not sure what more you would ask for in a Zapier expert.

James Seikel

Director of Operations, Semi-Retired MD, USA

Always on hand for support

Kelly has worked with us for almost 2 years now, and continues to provide us with cross-functional tech support – from helping us assess and implement new apps and add-ons to support with Salesforce, Xero and Zapier. With Zapier, specifically, she has helped our team create automations between Salesforce, Google Drive and Jira, which improved our customer success processes.  Kelly has also implemented some crucial automations to extract sales data from Xero and represent it in a Google Sheet. This data has helped us to gain insight into capabilities for each project, for understanding what we are very strong at, and where we may be falling short. We’re glad to have Kelly to call on if and when we need additional support. Kelly is truly solution driven and I would recommend her to any fast-paced, growing start-up or developing business that needs tech and automation support from a part-time team member. 

Jeff Bousfield

COO, Distributed - London, England

Excellent support from Kelly at Solvaa

I am really delighted that we have engaged Kelly to help us with our processes. Kelly has transformed our financial processes. I have saved hours of time each week on the reconciliation of Xero thanks to the zap improvements she has done. I am also impressed with how quickly she did the analysis and found the solution. We are a small but growing business and are quickly realising that getting our processes right early on in our growth trajectory is really important. We are now looking at other areas of the business where she may be able to help and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

Alison Moncrieff

Managing Director, Prune Harris - Cornwall, England

Really efficient and effective service

Kelly has recently helped us with an integration between Pipedrive and Smartsheet, the service and solution we received was excellent and we are now excited about extending this into other areas of the business where we can use Kelly’s problem solving and Zapier skills to automate other routine functions.

Matthew Potter

Director, Oxted Windows - Surrey, England

Our go to Zapier expert…

Kelly at Solvaa has been a great help with any integration issues we’ve experienced on Zapier including connectivity between Google sheets, SMS providers, API’s and more. Solvaa is our go to Zapier expert and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending.

Jon Dunn

SEO Consultant, Site Gains - Devon, England

Connected our tools and are getting much better data!

I've worked with Kelly on a number of Zapier projects now and can't recommend her enough! Her analytical thinking and problem-solving skills have helped us to find smart solutions to some challenging problems. With Kelly's help we've now automated many of our processes across the tools that we use (Pipedrive, Xero, Slack, Asana being a few). It's not only helped us link up the tools with each other but we are also collecting much more timely and accurate data through the automation.

Elizabeth Fosbrook

Business Analyst, GrantTree - London, England

Quick & easy

Kelly provided a quick solution that really helps reduce the amount of manual work we have to do connecting systems like SalesForce, Xero and Freshdesk. She was very efficient, professional and helped us learn how Zapier works.

Paul Allman

CFO / COO, Preservica - Oxfordshire, England

Integration support

Kelly has completely enlightened me in getting the best from Zapier with the systems I use. In easy to understand language my grasp of Zapier has improved no end and I’m saving time, making a huge difference to my business.

Sarah Brangwyn

Owner, Made & Making - West Sussex, England

Click Funnels – Zapier – Zoho Integration

We contracted Kelly to help us Connect Click Funnels to Zapier to Zoho CRM. Kelly was able to go into all the applications and on the spot identify the issues and resolve them. I had spent hours on help files and online tutorials with no success. Best money I have spent in a long time. If you need someone to help you get Zapier integration working, look no further than Kelly.

Peter Meehan

Director, BigRockDesigns - Belfast, Northern Ireland

Need Zapier expertise? Look no further

Kelly helped me integrate my web site with an automated email platform via Zapier and Google Sheets, to extremely good effect. Her knowledge of Zapier and her logic and analytical skills are faultless. Put simply, I could not have made this important integration without her. She is efficient, flexible and great to work with. I am SO pleased to have found Kelly; if you are looking to streamline your business or workflow via automation, look no further.

Damian Bailey

Founder & MD, The Wedding Industry Awards - Surrey, England

Expert knowledge and easy to work with

We’ve been working with Kelly and team to help automate a number of our processes to help reduce admin overheads and increase usable data within our business.  That way, we’re able to spend more time with our clients. The best bit about working with Solvaa is that it’s close to a fire-and-forget service.  We can tell them what we want to achieve, they come up with ideas and options and then they just make it work.  It’s beautifully simple and easy and allows us to get on with the fun parts of our business!

Stephen Dorling

Account Manager, Koncise Solutions - Greater London, England

Great to work with. Very knowledgeable and responsive

Kelly was instrumental in helping me to get the most out of Pipedrive’s functionality by structuring the system to the exact needs of my team and providing training. Alongside this, she has put in place numerous processes using Zapier to automate proposal creation (with Google Docs) and sending, and auto-responder email follow-ups. Kelly is very responsive to queries and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with Pipedrive and Zapier. We will save buckets of hours thanks to her work.

Michael Skibicki

Owner, Final Cleaning Service - NY State, USA

A pleasure to work with

What a pleasure! I worked with Kelly on helping to improve Distributed’s operational efficiency and integration setup. She was intuitively in sync with what we needed done and was a master of all platforms and services. Would happily work with Kelly again!

Oscar Webb

Customer Success Consultant, Distributed - London, England

Pipedrive to Dear Inventory

Kelly worked with us on a project to link Pipedrive with Dear Inventory using Zapier. Kelly met all of our expectations. She’s a great communicator and a talented developer.

Tyler Beckett

Owner, Hugo Tea Company - Missouri, USA

Highly recommended

Kelly is amazing at what she does. She managed the migration from Sage to Xero for us and set-up a variety of integrations with Receiptbank, Shopify, Worldpay, Paypal, bank feeds, credit cards and more. If something can be automated Kelly can do it. She knows all the systems inside out, makes great suggestions and gives easy to follow training. But maybe the most important is her work ethic. She is always happy to help, even on weekends and evenings, and sometimes she is chasing us for updates rather than the other way around! Last but not least, she is very organized and communicates very clearly and precisely. Highly recommended.

Ana Rodriguez

Founder, Santamaria Shirtmakers - London, England

A truly effective workflow automation advisor

I have worked with Kelly on two projects now, both of which involved integrating bespoke external applications with Xero (with a focus on customer relationship management, sales, purchasing and inventory). She has a deep understanding of business processes, accounting requirements and importantly how to apply this knowledge in our projects. She is meticulous in her approach, great at capturing and documenting client requirements and conveying them to the project team in a clear and concise manner. Kelly has been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a truly effective workflow automation advisor and project manager.

Alastair Badman

Founder, WorkHorse - Surrey, England

Saved us countless hours of data inputting

Kelly was instrumental in migrating our accounting function from Sage to Xero and helping us improve work flows and processes to increase efficiencies and output.
We had heard about Xero and how popular a system it was and we were interested in moving to a cloud based software for accounting. Kelly was extremely valuable due to her vast knowledge of Xero and how it can integrate with other apps to make the way we work, communicate and interact seamless and efficient.
The integration of Receiptbank, Harvest and Xero has saved us countless hours of data inputting and emails which we can now dedicate to making our business better for us and our clients.
Kelly’s support and patience during the process was crucial and she is always happy to help and assist with training and queries, I quickly realised her passion in what she does and helping people, I could tell that she really wanted us to succeed and make the way we work better.

Warren Ajoodha

Accounts Assistant, WireBox - Hertfordshire, England

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