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Infographic showing how the Pipedrive sales CRM can connect to different apps using automation. Includes text for Pipedrive Expert and the Pipedrive logo.

Supercharge your sales process by optimising and automating your Pipedrive CRM


Pipedrive CRM Implementation, Optimisation and Automation Consultancy

The Solvaa® team are certified Pipedrive Expert Premier Partners based in London. We have helped hundreds of businesses significantly improve their sales process and can advise and optimise your Pipedrive CRM solution to get the best out of your business.  Although we are Pipedrive consultants operating in the UK, we support clients worldwide to achieve outstanding results using Pipedrive CRM optimisations.

We specialise in optimising your Pipedrive CRM account, streamlining your processes, integrating with third-party apps and supercharging your workflows with automation.

How we can help you

We will help you get set up on Pipedrive and optimise the built-in features to increase efficiency, save time and allow you to focus on your business.

Our Pipedrive consultants will holistically analyse the way you perform your sales tasks currently, simplify your processes and build automations that optimise your sales process. We will also connect your sales process with your other business functions to empower your sales team and grow your business.

We will help you to use Pipedrive’s built-in features optimally, build internal Pipedrive automations and help you to connect your other tools with Zapier, the no-code automation connector tool that has integrations with over 6000 other apps.

We will train your team to work more productively using Pipedrive, and build processes to track and improve performance to supercharge your sales and improve profitability.

Infographic showing a Pipedrive screen on a desktop and mobile device, with a user sitting on the laptop. The desktop and mobile devices are connected to images of other applications with coloured arrows to demonstrate how they are connected via automation.

Pipedrive Set-up & Optimisation

We will analyse your sales processes in detail, help you to simplify them and establish better ways of working to optimise how your sales team use Pipedrive to save even more time and improve productivity.

Infographic with pieces of a jigsaw featuring business applications including Zapier, Pipedrive and Xero, as well as clipart of business processes and KPI charts, with the central black jigsaw piece which connects all the applications featuring the Solvaa logo.

Pipedrive Integrations & Automation

We will help you discover the right add to your tech stack that will optimise your sales process. We will then help you connect them with native integrations or with connector tools like Zapier.

Infographic showing a computer screen with the Pipedrive application running and an orange arrow showing automatic data feeds from Xero, co-ordinated by Zapier.

Pipedrive Training

We will support your team and empower them learn Pipedrive and Zapier so that they can optimise processes.  Zapier is a no-code solution where you don’t need a developer to build slick workflows.

How we work

We use sound process improvement techniques and a holistic approach that considers all of your systems and processes. We use a simple but in-depth four-step method to help you understand your current processes, strategise a system and automation improvement plan, execute the changes, and adopt a continuous improvement mindset to review the new processes regularly.

Are you ready to take your Pipedrive processes to the next level?

Who is behind Solvaa®?

We are a team of systems, process improvement and automation specialists headed up by our founder, Kelly Goss. Kelly often speaks at digital skills events and is one of only three experts asked to speak at the ZapConnect 2021, Zapier’s inaugural virtual conference. Kelly is also the author of  Automate It with Zapier (first edition) and Automate It with Zapier & Generative AI (second edition), the most comprehensive guides on the market about workflow automation with Zapier. These books also have a whole chapter on automating sales processes, using Pipedrive automations as a featured example.

What our clients say about us

My productivity is up and my downtime has all but disappeared

As a business owner, I work for multiple clients in a Business Development Function. Prior to working with Kelly, I found myself getting somewhat overwhelmed with the different client requirements and my perceived ability to cope with what I thought were complex CRM issues.

The impact that Kelly had was almost instant, within a matter of days I found that I was getting so much more completed and spending a lot less time problem-solving. Something as simple as loading up data was taking an absolute age with ‘’import, error, export, re-import’’ being a constant theme. Now I get it done the first time every time and the results speak for themselves.

The most valuable thing that I have achieved by using better process practices in Pipedrive and automation is that my productivity is up and my downtime has all but disappeared.

My biggest fear about using a consultant was time versus cost versus payback which in hindsight look so stupid. If you’re on the fence about working with Kelly to help you implement better digital processes and automation in your business then I would like to suggest that you bite the bullet and just do it.

Bernie Harral

MD, WeRU Marketing - Poland

Our system is now set up for growth.

As CRM Manager I was tasked with getting functionality out of Pipedrive as a system that had been set up initially for a very different product and sales process. I wanted to create effective workflows that could be automated so that essential and repetitive sales tasks were managed by the system, not people. We are a small start-up company and needed to have a system that would do the heavy lifting in terms of the sales process. Kelly offered advice on how to get the best out of the system as well as value for money. She offered a deep understanding of Pipedrive and gave me easy solutions and alternatives to help solve the issues I was having. Introducing me to Zapier for automations and training me in building these automations for each segment of our market. Kelly showed me how best to organise the system that set us up for growth. From the early days of our conversations, Kelly offered me easy quick wins and fixes as well as a plan for utilizing Zapier and other complex elements that were unique to our business.

Harriet Strachan

CRM Manager, Oxsight - Oxford, England

Kelly helped us get the most out of Pipedrive

We needed someone to help us as we moved up to a different tier of Pipedrive - to sense check all the ways in which we used it and to make sure we were approaching everything in the most rational and the most efficient way possible. Kelly walked us through everything with great rigour (and a welcome light touch attitude!) - and we really valued her incisive input at every stage. Kelly also helped us optimise some of our Zapier automations linked to Pipedrive. We have emerged from our time together with a lot more confidence in what we are doing and feel very secure in the foundations we have laid for our CRM as the company grows.  Thank you!

Patrick Pope

Strategist, Big Fish - London, England

Pain Relief!

Part of my role at Litmus is to look after all existing clients and bring onboard new leads. Before we started working with Kelly, it was very time consuming to find new leads via the usual platforms and emailing them all individually took up the majority of our time. We needed to find a way to speed up this process creating a pain-free environment! We chose to work with Kelly as we were looking for an expert who understood what we were trying to achieve. Kelly simplified the whole process by introducing us to Zapier and Pipedrive automations saving time which also means saving money!! As a result of working with Kelly, some of the tangible benefits results are time-saving, better organisation, the ability to use all of Pipedrive and Zapier’s features empowering the team to use the systems without expert help ongoing, and most importantly, sales growth.

Kingsley Allen

Business Development Executive, Litmus - Hull, England

Contact Kelly if you need help with Pipedrive and Zapier

We've worked with Kelly since May 2020. She has been our go-to expert resource for anything related to Pipedrive functionality advice and implementation, and for automating our processes either with native integrations or Zapier. While we've been working together, Kelly has helped us to automate our lead generation processes from form submission on our website (Gravity Forms) and partner portal (Magentrix) to creating deals in Pipedrive. She has also increased our sales visibility with lead scoring, better reporting, and notifications. She's flexible, reliable, responsive, and always on hand to sort out technical issues promptly. Kelly is excellent in at what she does and is a pleasure to work with.

Joanne Fawell

Chief Marketing Officer, Pixit Media - Surrey, England


Kelly is so good at what she does I literally can't recommend her highly enough! Having embarked on the automation journey I spoke to several people and Kelly by far came across as the most genuine and authentic person. Kelly and I spoke at length about our current systems and how we wanted to improve them, she listened, asked questions and made excellent suggestions. We were excited to get things going and Kelly set our expectations well, she gave clear guidance on timelines and fees and was open and honest throughout. Once things started we quickly realised we wanted more and how beneficial Kelly was to our business. We are still working with Kelly to keep improving things for us and we have further projects that we want her to help us with. Kelly's skill, knowledge and service is impeccable and what she has done for us has saved hours and hours worth of man power allowing our teams to focus on our patients rather than administrative tasks, it's also allowed us to communicate in a much better way with our patients - exactly the results we were after. Meeting Kelly has simply been life-changing for our business and our teams.

Louise Hatton

Group Operations Manager, Ascent Dental Group - Midlands, England

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