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Infographic showing how the Pipedrive sales CRM can connect to different apps using automation. Includes text for Pipedrive Expert and the Pipedrive logo.

Build custom business solutions with SmartSuite


SmartSuite Implementation, Optimisation and Automation Consultancy

The Solvaa® team are SmartSuite Certified Consultant Partners based in London. We build custom no-code solutions from scratch and can help you optimise and automate your SmartSuite account to get the best out of your business.  Although we are SmartSuite consultants operating in the UK, we support clients worldwide to achieve outstanding results without the need for using code.

SmartSuite is an incredibly flexible relational database tool with project management functionality allowing you to build a stack of modular applications to streamline your entire customer journey and operations. Building a sales CRM, project management tool, orders and invoicing app, inventory tracker and reporting dashboards all within one SmartSuite account allows you to manage many of your business systems and processes in one tool. Native integration, built-in automations and an integration with Zapier help you to streamline productivity and connect all your other tools.

We specialise in optimising your SmartSuite account, streamlining your processes, integrating with third-party apps and supercharging your workflows with automation.

How we can help you

We will help you design the right digital architecture for your business, set up and customise SmartSuite, and optimise the built-in features to increase efficiency, save time and allow you to focus on your business.

Our SmartSuite consultants will holistically analyse your customer journey currently, simplify your processes, implement the solution without any code, and develop automations that optimise your business processes.

We will help you to use SmartSuite’s built-in automations and third-party integrations and connect your other tools with Zapier, the no-code automation connector tool that has integrations with over 6000 other apps.

We will work with you and your team to develop a solution that works for your needs and empowers your team to work efficiently and productively so that you can grow your business and improve profitability.

Infographic showing a Pipedrive screen on a desktop and mobile device, with a user sitting on the laptop. The desktop and mobile devices are connected to images of other applications with coloured arrows to demonstrate how they are connected via automation.

SmartSuite Implementation & Optimisation

We will analyse your business processes in detail, help you to simplify them and establish better ways of working to optimise how your team use SmartSuite to save even more time and improve productivity.

Infographic with pieces of a jigsaw featuring business applications including Zapier, Pipedrive and Xero, as well as clipart of business processes and KPI charts, with the central black jigsaw piece which connects all the applications featuring the Solvaa logo.

SmartSuite Integrations & Automation

We will help you discover the best way to connect your tech stack and automate your processes by using native integrations, built-in automations and connector tools like Zapier.

Infographic showing a computer screen with the Pipedrive application running and an orange arrow showing automatic data feeds from Xero, co-ordinated by Zapier.

SmartSuite Training

We will support your team and empower them learn SmartSuite and Zapier so that they can optimise processes.  Zapier is a no-code solution where you don’t need a developer to build slick workflows.

How we work

We use sound process improvement techniques and a holistic approach that considers all of your systems and processes. We use a simple but in-depth trademarked four-step method to help you understand your current processes, strategise a system and automation improvement plan, execute the changes, and adopt a continuous improvement mindset to review the new processes regularly.

Are you ready to take your business processes to the next level with SmartSuite?

Who is behind Solvaa®?

We are a team of systems, process improvement and automation specialists headed up by our founder, Kelly Goss. Kelly often speaks at digital skills events and is one of only three experts asked to speak at the ZapConnect 2021, Zapier’s inaugural virtual conference. Kelly is also the author of Automate It with Zapier (first edition) and Automate It with Zapier & Generative AI (second edition), the most comprehensive guides on the market about workflow automation with Zapier.

What our clients say about us

Lasting, sustainable integrative solutions

Kelly is a phenomenon, a savvy technological and business guru, a top-notch problem solver with an impeccable work ethic and a lovely person to work with.
The first thing that struck me about Kelly was the sheer amount of questions she asked about our business. With that philosophy and perspective in mind, with precision and laser focus Kelly zoomed in on every aspect of our business flow. She analyzed the systems, requirements and dynamics in place, and recommended synergistic technological and financial solutions that created a far reaching positive effect for the business. The improvements that were implemented resulted in increased efficiency, better time management and overall happiness of people involved.
Kelly is dedicated to finding and implementing lasting, sustainable integrative solutions and to achieving measurable, quantifiable results. It is easy and comfortable to interact with her, even across the globe, as she is excellent with creating and maintaining business relationships which are unaffected by distance.
Overall 5 Stars rating and would I recommend, without hesitation, that you work with Kelly.

Vika Golovanova

Owner, Julian Mountain Spa - California, USA

Kelly is one of the best things to happen to my start-up

We are a digital platform and we process thousands of online transactions every month. This also means lots of complicated software systems that need to integrate with each other.
When Kelly came on-board, what we were looking for her to do was to sort out the mess, and I never had any real understanding of how big the mess actually was. We started looking at bookkeeping initially. The first thing was to make it a much more fluid system. Once we had that, I was then getting regular reports. I could see very clearly how my business was improving, and where we were, month by month. Before that it was just much more complicated and difficult way to get that data.
Once we focused on that part of the business and Kelly started to implement all these changes, suddenly we saw the results - the reporting, the improvements in processes, the reduction in costs and staff now required to run the business, and really just the smooth running. If I'd continued in the way I had been going, I would probably now need 4 full-time staff members to be doing all of the manual implementation.
I would say that Kelly is one of the best things to happen to my start-up. I stumbled upon her completely by accident, and I am just very fortunate that we did.

Ruari Fairbairns

Co-founder, One Year No Beer - Edinburgh, Scotland

Worth her weight in Gold.

I am not often impressed but in the few days Kelly spent working on our project she did just that and then some. Not only intelligent, efficient and concise, ...she also managed to understand what was a fairly complex setup and meet challenges involving possibly some of the longest Zaps she had made. And then ...we we realised we wanted to do things a little differently or made her life more complex, she adapted, re-made, re-organised, tested and did it all again. I couldn't speak more highly of her work.

Marcus Graichen

Co-founder, Mog Machine - England

Who better to hire than the automation expert who wrote the book!

After migrating almost our entire tech stack last year, we needed help getting some of our existing Zaps mapped and updated. Plus we needed a few new automations added, too. Kelly and I reviewed process maps that I had created. Then her zone of genius kicked in, and she found all the gaps, saw my vision about how I wanted to do things, and strategized on what we needed to make our process more efficient. We now have an end-to-end automation with processes that work well together and do exactly as we expect. Who better to hire than the automation expert who wrote the book! I see a long relationship ahead with Kelly as my business changes and grows.

Lori Feldman

President, The Database Diva - USA

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