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Infographic representing how a process improvement consultant maps workflows using software such as Process Bliss, Process St and Zapier.  Computer screens are linked by arrows to show how process flows can be digitised and data transferred between applications.

Convert your recurring tasks into organised business
process workflows

Solvaa are process improvement consultants who will simplify your processes and document them so that they can be repeated more efficiently.

We help you map out your processes and create checklists so that you can visualise and improve them.

We help you streamline your processes and document them digitally. We use process improvement methodologies to create well-structured, repeatable workflows.

Infographic showing a series of desktop computer screens connected by arrows.  The screens display business process flowcharts, logos for Process Bliss, Process St and Zapier, process checklists and a process improvement consultant analysing the results.

What do process improvement consultants do?

Solvaa are expert problem solvers who create order from the chaos in your operation, saving you time by making your daily workflows more efficient.

We are business process improvement consultants who analyse your business to create workflows which ensure everyone consistently follows the same repeatable processes.


Which processes can we improve?

We provide process improvement consultancy for :

  • Sales
  • Customer onboarding
  • Employee recruitment
  • Employee or contractor onboarding
  • Social media posting
  • Content creation
  • Invoice generation
  • Month-end accounting procedures
  • Daily, weekly and monthly office tasks

…and many more of your regular activities.

How do we map and improve your processes?

We use checklist tools to digitise your repeatable procedures, to document the tasks your team does on a regular basis.  This increases efficiency by reducing errors, training and downtime.

We then use no-code automation tools to pass data between applications automatically, saving even more time.  Our process improvement consultants help you transform these standard operating procedures into digital, dynamic, automated tasks.


We are certified experts

Solvaa are certified experts and partners of the process improvement tools we recommend. Our partner relationships have enabled us to negotiate beneficial, bespoke terms for our clients.

As clients of Solvaa you will benefit from discounted licence fees and additional premium support which is not usually available by approaching the supplier directly.

Get in touch with our process improvement consultants and discuss how we can help your business. We are based in the UK but help clients worldwide improve efficiency, save time and increase profits. 

What our clients say about us

Kelly is my no.1 go-to person for anything related to workflow improvement. Kelly finds solutions that would stump others through her methodical, deep thought approach. Utterly reliable, consistently hardworking and produces excellent results time and again – and a lovely person to work with as well! Could not recommend Kelly highly enough to anyone needing a strong process-orientated member of their team.

David Feldman

Portfolio Finance Director, The FD Centre - Greater London, UK

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