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Work Smarter Not Harder

We help you use the right systems, better processes and automation to increase productivity

Pipedrive CRM Support

We supercharge your sales process by implementing, optimising and automating your Pipedrive account

No-Code Workflow Management Solutions

We build custom database and portal solutions with SmartSuite and Noloco

Automation & AI Services

We increase productivity with integration and automation with Zapier and AI

Business Process Improvement

We implement the right systems and efficient processes to fit your needs

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Digitise, Streamline and Automate your business workflows

We are no-code systems and automation consultants and certified experts in systems design and optimisation, app integration and business process automation.

Whether you need your systems and processes to be reviewed, your Pipedrive CRM to be optimised, your business tools to be connected with Zapier, or a bespoke business solution to be built with SmartSuite, we are here to help you achieve your digital productivity goals.

We save you time by using technology to simplify, organise and automate your repetitive tasks.  This minimises human error, reduces operational costs, gives you and your team more time in the day, boosts profits, and allows scalability.

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Here’s the problem.  Your company’s core processes just don’t communicate, and that means you’re wasting precious hours moving data between your various apps and performing repetitive tasks.  That’s bad for business and as you expand you might be thinking that you won’t have the time or personnel to cope.

The solution?

Do things smarter with Solvaa.  Did you know that many cloud applications integrate with others to automate your other essential business processes?   You can connect your CRM with your contract, project management and accounting tools, or your invoicing app with various payment solutions to help you get paid faster.

We help you to choose the right apps for your needs, to use them optimally and simplify and automate your processes by connecting them.  This will significantly reduce manual data entry and error, meaning increased productivity and more time to cost-effectively scale your business.

Save time.

Reduce costs,

Stay agile.

Solvaa.  Discovering efficiency.

Solvaa® are no-code certified solution architects and automation experts

We focus on holistic system and process analysis to ensure all your business processes work together as one. Other than improving and optimising business processes, our three core apps of expertise are:

We are no-code business system designers and automation consultants who have achieved Zapier Certified Expert, Pipedrive Certified Premier Partner and Expert, Noloco Certified Expert, and SmartSuite Certified Consultant Partner status, as well as many Xero accreditations.  We have a wealth of experience in recommending and implementing the right business technology solutions and automating business processes, and our clients are constantly delighted with the measurable, quantifiable results we consistently deliver.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business save time or dig deeper to discover more about our services.

Apps we regularly work with

Who is behind Solvaa®?

Who is behind Solvaa®?

We are a multi-skilled team of no-code techonology, process improvement and automation specialists headed up by our founder, Kelly Goss.

Kelly often speaks at digital productivity events, was one of a handful of experts invited to No. 10 Downing Street and the House of Lords to give the UK Government advice on how digital adoption and AI can impact SME productivity. Kelly is also the author of Automate It with Zapier (1st ed) and Automate It with Zapier & Generative AI (2nd ed) which are the most comprehensive guides on the market about workflow automation with Zapier.

Our talented team have skills in several cloud-based technology tools, including Pipedrive, SmartSuite, Noloco, Airtable, ClickUp, Pandadoc, Zapier and Make, just to name a few. We're lucky to have team members who previously worked for Zapier and Pipedrive.

Our Services

Tech Stack Consulting

Analysis, System Design, Process Improvement, Implementation & Training

Pipedrive CRM

Sales Process Analysis, Design, Implementation, Optimisation, Automation & Training


Database Workflow Management Analysis, Design, Implementation, Optimisation, Automation & Training

Zapier & AI

Workflow Automation Analysis, Design, Implementation, Optimisation, Troubleshooting & Training


 Financial Administration Workflow Automation Analysis & Implementation

Listen to our founder and chief problem solver, Kelly Goss, speak about increasing business productivity with automation on the Business Essentials podcast.

What our clients have to say

Kelly is my no.1 go-to person for anything related to workflow improvement. Kelly finds solutions that would stump others through her methodical, deep thought approach.
Utterly reliable, consistently hardworking and produces excellent results time and again – and a lovely person to work with as well!

David Feldman

Portfolio Finance Director, The FD Centre

Kelly is a phenomenon, a savvy technological and business guru, a top-notch problem solver with an impeccable work ethic and a lovely person to work with. Kelly is dedicated to finding and implementing lasting, sustainable integrative solutions and to achieving measurable, quantifiable results. 

Vika Golovanova

Owner, Julian Mountain Spa

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