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Our Services

Solvaa provides process improvement, system optimisation and automation services


Our services will simplify and automate your repetitive tasks to save time, reduce your costs and minimise human error.

We are certified experts in app integration and business process automation.

Process Improvement

Are your procedures unstructured, undocumented and out of control? Increase productivity by visualising, structuring, digitising and automating your repeatable procedures.


Zapier Workflow Automation

Increase efficiency by connecting your tools and automating your sales, operations and financial administration processes using Zapier, a no-code tool that connects 1000’s of cloud based applications.


Pipedrive CRM Automation

Supercharge your sales process by optimising Pipedrive CRM with better processes and automation. We’ll work with you to get the most out of Pipedrive, work smarter, and coach your team to use Pipedrive optimally.


Infographic showing a computer screen with a Xero logo connected by arrows to other automation applications including Shopify, Zapier and Gmail.

Xero Automation

Streamline and automate your bookkeeping processes in Xero, discover apps to connect with Xero and get paid faster. We’ll advise you on the best ways to improve your bookkeeping process and automate tasks to reduce bookkeeping time and data entry errors.


How we work


We use sound process improvement techniques and a holistic approach that considers all of your systems and processes. We use a simple but in-depth four-step method to help you understand your current processes, strategise a system and automation improvement plan, execute the changes, and adopt a continuous improvement mindset to review the new processes regularly.

Are you ready to supercharge your business processes?

Who is behind Solvaa

We are a team of process improvement and automation specialists headed up by our founder, Kelly Goss. Kelly often speaks at digital skills events and is one of only three Zapier experts asked to speak at the ZapConnect 2021, Zapier’s inaugural virtual conference. Kelly is also the author of Automate It with Zapier, the most comprehensive guide on the market about workflow automation with Zapier.

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