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Quiz: What kind of robot are you? 🤖

Group of vintage toy robots standing against a white background with a Solvaa logo.

As business process automation experts we’re mad about robots!  But which kind of robot are you? 🤖

If you could choose any type of robot to be, which one would you pick?  No matter what your favourite type of robot is, there’s no doubt that they’re all pretty cool. 

Apps like Zapier help configure business automations to take care of the boring, mundane tasks so you have more time for fun.  It’s like having your own personal robot at your beck and call!

In fact, you can have a whole team of robots if you automate the business workflows in your marketing, sales, operations and finance departments.  It can skyrocket your productivity, and the best thing is that robots don’t take holidays or go off sick!

If you use business automation wisely, you’ll eliminate human error, save money and make more sales.  Which all adds up to bigger profits!  You’ll have happier team too, who can devote their time to the jobs where a human touch is really needed.

Just think of the robot sidekicks you’ve seen on the big screen over the years.  Where would Iron Man be without Jarvis?  Or Knight Rider without K.I.T.T. – who wouldn’t love a robot car?  And we’ve even seen robot dogs in the shape of K9, Doctor Who’s loyal companion.  Whether you’re a business owner, an assistant, a freelancer or an employee, having your own personal business automation robot is a game-changer.

Take our fun quiz to see which robot most closely matches your personality! 

It’s just for fun, but be sure to share your results with your friends on social media. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find out you and your bestie are both robots of the same kind!

Go ahead, take the quiz – we promise it’s not as hard as building a real robot (which we assume is really hard 😊).

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