Mocked up book cover with a background of shades of teal in a geometric pattern, a retro robot image and a title "Automate!" with a subtitle of "The essential guide to business productivity", written by Kelly Goss with a Solvaa logo.

According to the CIO, “78% of workers say that ‘automating manual, repetitive tasks would allow them to focus on the more interesting and rewarding aspects of their jobs”. 


✔️ Have you heard about business process automation but you don’t know how it relates to your business?

✔️ Have you heard about Zapier but you’re not sure if it can help you?

✔️ Have you started using Zapier but you’re just not sure what to automate?


Well…if you answered ‘YES’ to either of those questions, then we have a gift for you.

We’ve created a 40-page ebook that will introduce you to the principles of business process automation with Zapier, and how it can help you supercharge your business. It’s filled with automation examples, real-life use cases, and success stories. It’s available in a very cool flipbook format or a downloadable PDF.


What others are saying about our ebook:

“Such a good ebook, I plan to implement! Especially the keeping record of expenses – that would be so helpful without having to invest in a huge tool like Quickbooks or Wave.” – Azhelle Wade, The Toy Coach.

“Thank you – this was an excellent read! It has really helped me to get insight into what Zapier can do and kick-started my thought process for how I can start improving my business productivity with automation.” – Claire Love, LWS Marketing

You’ll be automating your business processes and working smarter, not harder, in no time! So get this FREEBIE now while it’s still available!


And remember… Zapier makes you happier 🙂

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