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Learning how to automate sending an email using Zapier when a Xero invoice is paid is a really simple but useful workflow that saves time and provides great customer service.

Xero is a cloud-based accounting system which includes a host of features to reduce bookkeeping time. Unfortunately, Xero doesn’t currently allow the user to automatically send emails from the system when invoices are paid – it’s a long-winded process to manually send a receipt of payment. We can, however, use a workflow automation tool like Zapier to solve this problem.  Zapier is a handy tool that allows two or more applications to connect using its pre-built integrations to pass data between them.  Connecting these two platforms together allows business processes to be automated which saves hours of work and increase productivity…not to mention reducing the amount of boring work your team members are subjected to.


Our step-by-step video demonstrates how to connect Xero with Gmail

Our latest video demonstrates the steps needed to create a zap (a workflow automation in Zapier) which automatically sends an email using Gmail when an invoice is marked as paid or reconciled in Xero.  This means that you can show customers you’re grateful for their business by thanking them for paying, and once it is configured it will require no effort as Zapier will automate the process completely.

The beauty of this workflow is that the flexibility of Zapier means that you can apply it to other email clients besides Gmail, such as Microsoft Outlook and other email service providers.  You can also harness Zapier’s own email system or use an SMTP integration to achieve the same result.

All of this is accomplished purely by configuration as Zapier is a no-code platform that doesn’t rely on a developer to build the systems you need.  It allows you to easily connect different applications to streamline your business and save time spent on daily work.


How to trigger a workflow to send an email when a Xero invoice is paid

Our video takes you through the process one step at a time:

  • For the trigger step it shows how to choose the right event in Xero to kickstart the process.
  • It explains how to attach a PDF receipt to the email.
  • It demonstrates how to customise the email to send to the customer.
  • There’s also a bonus tip explaining how to convert HTML into text for the email body using WordHTML.

Watch the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel

Using other email integrations with Zapier

The Zapier website has a host of information about how to use it to optimise your business.  You can read more about how to automate sending an email using Zapier for Gmail here and also find out about other email clients which integrate with Zapier below:

Save time and grab our pre-built Zap template


Read more about how our certified experts use Zapier workflow automations to simplify processes and increase efficiency. 

Solvaa is a process and automation consultancy specialising in improving sales, operations and financial administration workflows. We help you to simplify and streamline existing processes, integrate your business tools to make data transfer more efficient and automate manual tasks to increase productivity. We are Zapier Certified Experts, Pipedrive Certified Experts and Xero Certified Advisors. 

Contact us today to discuss how Solvaa can help you simplify, improve and automate all aspects of your business with Zapier to save you time, reduce costs and keep you agile as you grow.

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