Mocked up book cover with a background of shades of teal in a geometric pattern, a retro robot image and a title "Automate!" with a subtitle of "The essential guide to business productivity", written by Kelly Goss with a Solvaa logo.

The IDC (International Data Corporation) says: “Inefficient workflows can cost up to 30% of your total revenue every year.”

Does your inefficient sales process allow your leads to fall through the cracks? Is it manual, repetitive and leave room for error and forgetting to follow-up? Do you lack clear visibility of where every prospect is in the sales process and what communication touch-points they have had?

If so, it’s time to start optimising and automating sales processes. When you automate sales, you’re not only creating a more effective sales process for your company you’re removing human error and forgetfulness.

It can help salespeople become sales superheroes.

You know what sales superheroes look like: they’re efficient, productive, and sales figures are always on the up and up.

We’ve created a 37-page ebook that will introduce you to the principles of using business process automation with Zapier to optimise your Pipedrive CRM sales processes. It’s filled with automation examples, real-life use cases, and success stories. It’s available in a very cool flipbook format or a downloadable PDF.


In this ebook, we’re going to cover five areas:


✔️ How to streamline your sales process with a CRM

✔️ How to automate your Pipedrive CRM sales processes

✔️ Our guide to Pipedrive automations for business processes

✔️ A real-life case study


Download it below…

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