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Digital Skills Events & Workshops

Are you and your team drowning unproductively by spending countless administrative hours moving data between your business tools and correcting errors?

Are you unsure what affordable technology is available to help you?


Are you concerned that the tools you introduce may not be embraced by your team?

The UK Digital Skills & Productivity Gap

According to the 2018 State of Small Business Report by the Enterprise Research Centre, surveys performed on micro-businesses in the UK show that
almost 25% of firms use NO digital technology at all, 24% use only one, over 21% use 2, and with 17 and 8% of firms using 3 or 4 digital technologies respectively.
Their modelling provides strong causal evidence of the impact of digital adoption on the productivity. For example using a CRM adds 18.4% to sales per employee over three years while cloud accounting software leads to an increase in sales per employee of 11.8% over three years.

According to Forrester Research, depending on your industry, digital automation can cut costs by a margin of 10 – 90%. And the CIO states that 78% of workers say that “automating manual, repetitive tasks would allow them to focus on the more interesting and rewarding aspects of their jobs”.

App Confusion & App Stack Overload

Thanks to research, we already know that adopting one or more digital technologies can increase business productivity and profitability, as well as boost employee job satisfaction and team collaboration. However, the process of sourcing the best-fit digital tools for your business, can be mind-boggling. You may not know where to start looking or what the most reliable resources are. Tools our associates and friends use in their businesses may not be appropriate for our own. We’re also in danger of having too many apps that don’t work together and end up experiencing “app-stack-overload”. In some cases, lack of digital adoption stems from poor understanding of the benefits and resistance from employees based on fear of job loss.

Knowledge. Understanding. Clarity.

We help SMEs increase productivity by streamlining sales, operations and financial administration processes therefore saving you time, reducing costs and increasing profitability while ensuring you stay agile as your grow. We would achieve this by analysing your existing systems and processes, problem solving, implementing the best-fit digital tools with simplified, automated and more robust workflows, and providing training and support.

I’m Kelly Goss, founder of Solvaa. I’ve always had a passion for solving problems. I started my career as a microbiologist in the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries, leading product quality improvement projects. I then moved into entrepreneurship by co-founding a veterinary clinic – this was where I first began using Xero. My “multi-hat” operational role gave me first-hand experience of the productivity struggles businesses can face, and how they can thrive by embracing technology. I am now an independent business consultant, Xero Certified Advisor and Zapier Certified Expert. As an advocate of automation and continuous improvement, I’m extremely passionate about helping businesses improve productivity by bringing clarity to the digital adoption journey through the consulting process and also with education, coaching and support by speaking at events and running workshops.

Recent workshops and speaking events

April 2019 – Guest Speaker for Julian Chamber of Commerce (California, USA)

“Embracing cloud technology – Using digital process automation to increase efficiency in your business”

May 2019 – Exhibitor & Speaker at The Business Show Expo (Excel, London)

“Discovering efficiency – Key steps to increasing business productivity with digital process automation”

June 2019 – Guest Speaker at Really Simple Systems CRM User Conference 2019 (Bombay Sapphire Distillery, Hampshire)

 “Increasing productivity with integration and automation”

June & July 2019 – Curriculum Author, Advisor & Trainer for HeadsUp! Digital Productivity Skills Webinars and Workshops (Online UK-wide, London, Oxford)

“Sales, finance and collaboration”

Participant Feedback

I really enjoyed Kelly’s Automation for Business workshop – it was fun, interactive and I learned a lot about how technology can improve our business processes.

Kelly is an excellent presenter, with a sense of humor and ease she breaks down technical information into readily understandable bites. Her explanations are clear and pragmatic, as she discusses different aspects of the business operations, how enhance communication between them and achieve overall efficiency.
Kelly is truly a mastermind when it comes to finding automation solutions tailored to your situation. I loved that she made the part of the workshop interactive – she  invited us (the participants) to analyze our business processes and then helped find solutions for our specific issues. Thank you Kelly!” 

Vika Golovanova, Owner,  Julian Mountain Spa

“We invited Kelly to speak at our CRM User Conference in June, tapping into her specialist knowledge on Xero and Zapier integration. She was a joy to work with and a true professional. Her presentation really hit the spot with the audience, pitching at just the right level to be educational and informative, without getting too techie.”

Helen Armour, Marketing Manager, Really Simple Systems

“Kelly’s presentation style was relaxed and easy-going which enabled myself and other members of the audience to be interactive and engaged. She is a confident speaker and knows her subject matter well.”

Rosi Babnik, Owner, Totem Graphics & Video and Yeti Carvings

“Kelly rocked on the tools for entrepreneurs/ startups’ collaboration and communications. She was so friendly, made us feel comfortable to join the talk about the topic, and made her presentation interactive. Thank you for your contribution, and best of luck!

Baris Sarikaya, Director, Mobsmile Ltd 

“Kelly Goss delivers as much help as she can possibly give with an understanding and empathy which we all need in such complex environments. She is clear, patient with questions and helps people on all levels of experience to grow up into the digital advantages available. I appreciate her open, positive attitude about growing.” 

Mark R. Turner, President, Horizon Gate Productions 

“Kelly gave a great presentation at our User Conference on the topic of integration to an attentive audience, and then held a well attended clinic on the same subject. Thank you Kelly!”

John Paterson, CEO, Really Simple Systems

Kelly provided a really helpful overview of payment and debtor management applications. She focused exclusively on Xero add-ons (her speciality) but demonstrated welcome neutrality between different software vendors. It was clear that Kelly gives priority to finding the best fit between a client’s requirements and the functionality offered by each application. When there is a good fit, the benefits were clearly apparent. This demonstrates, once again, the value of a neutral, trusted third party in helping clients find the right solution for their particular needs. And who better to provide that service than someone with deep knowledge and experience across the Xero ecosystem?” 

Dr Eric Wood, Director, Affirma Ltd

“Thanks to the well structured, informative and comfortable manner in which Kelly presented the material, l left the workshop feeling far less intimidated by the subject of systems integration.”

Carmen Babnik, Artist & Sign Maker 

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